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Jeffrey is a natural educator and leader within the field of education. His experience includes 15+ years as an elementary teacher and a technology specialist in both suburban and urban school districts. His drive, enthusiasm and expertise have enabled him to serve as a valuable resource for his peers, staff and various organizations within the field of education.

Since completing his Masters of Educational Technology in 1995 he has been at the forefront of integrating technology into the classroom. In addition to his regular duties he has participated in several leadership opportunities which have expanded his knowledge-base and skill set. These include:

Invited to serve on the development team for Internet Academy – Initiative by Federal Way Schools to provide students with on-line learning
Member State of Washington Professional Development Team – appointed by by Terry Bergeson, Superintendent of Instruction
The Learning Space – Executive Board Member, Instructor Summer Experience & Teacher Leader Within
High Trust Participant – Leadership training focused on positive approach to classroom management
Intel Master Teacher - participated in training WA state teachers integrating Microsoft Office application in the curriculum
Renaissance Learning Associate Consultant - using the technology and strategies of Renaissance Learning, Jeffrey has seen the reading and writing scores of his students increase by 87%. He supports principals and teachers to analysis reading data to intervene and provide effective strategies for student success.

He has also participated and presented at various national education conferences including Northwest Council for Computers in Education and International Reading Association. Topics and modules he has presented include teaching reading strategies, writing skills and integrating technology into the classroom.

Jeffrey’s passion for education and technology is supported by his mission that every student is a reader and he is committed to making sure all students have access to equal opportunities.

In his spare time, Jeffrey enjoys camping, hiking, opera, classical music, great wine and food.

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Instructional Coach
Seattle Public Schools
PO Box 34165
Seattle, WA